What Are The Available Options For COVID-19 Treatments?

What Are The Available Options For COVID-19 Treatments?

The COVID- 19 pandemic is providing a new definition for the world health crisis of our age and forcing us to the most significant challenge that we have ever faced since the World War. The novel coronavirus has spread like a bullet fired from a gun to each and every continent except Antarctica. With the massive number of daily deaths, we are on the verge of facing the biggest turmoil of our lifetime. The world's economy is shrinking, and so is the world's population. The virus is just flowing like a wave- that might crash on those who are least able to cope.

The novel disease is a lot more than just a health crisis, having a great potential to devastate economic, social, and any type of political crisis and can leave the deepest scar till ages. We, humans, are staying in unchartered territory. Our communities remain untouchable, and thousands of the world's best cities are finding ways to survive. People are losing jobs with every passing day, and are just having one hope that normality might return. Staying back at home and not socializing is our one and the only option left to face this season of the new black death.

Continuous assessments of the coronavirus disease revealed that the older sections of our society are the ones who are more prone to the virus. Well, it can even affect people of any age and may show symptoms such as mild to high fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, respiratory illness, etc. In most severe cases, it can cause pneumonia and even death. People who are having a considerably low immune system and any other pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, asthma are very much vulnerable to this disease.

Most of the people who face these symptoms and become ill with the novel coronavirus infection can recover at home being in quarantine. There are neither treatments, nor any vaccine at present to prevent the COVID-19 disease at this moment. There are only a few tips or routines that one must follow to feel better if infected by this virus.

  • Taking enough rest.
  • Staying hydrated by consumption of enough quantity of fluid.
  • Taking medication to get relieved from body aches, pain, and fever.
  • Staying in quarantine.

Following these steps can help anyone survive this disaster. In case of any severe medical conditions, one must take the advice of a doctor or get admitted to the hospital.

While the world is facing this pandemic bravely, scientists are working hard in order to develop an effective treatment. Several therapies are undergoing investigation, including drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, the medicine to treat autoimmune diseases and malaria, several antiviral drugs, and antibodies of the people who have recently recovered from the COVID-19 infection.

In order to help our medical facilities and fill the enormous shortages of nurses, doctors, and other medical staff, many different government and non-government organizations, including CDC or the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, have come up with many strategies and ideas. Several instructions are provided to the Higher Education Institutes and the nursing schools of America to cope up and start fighting the war against the COVID-19 virus. Erudite online nursing school, following all the protocols and guidelines of the CDC, has started offering many virtual accelerated nursing programs to the new and existing nursing staff of America. Erudite nursing school's highly effective certification course on emergency preparedness and response training for the nurses can help us win the fight against the dreadful pandemic.







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