Erudite Nursing Institute™ is a not-for-profit, nationally-accredited educational institution for higher educational pursuits that is closed to the General Public. As a private not-for-profit institution for scientific arts of the eleemysonary tradition, providing voluntary educational and community services pursuant the laws of the United States of America, Erudite Nursing Institute™ is neither state nor federally funded. Due to a long-held belief that taxpayer-generated funds should be allocated toward public purposes, ERUDITE does not accept FAFSA or participate in other government-sponsored programs intended for the public welfare. To the contrary, Erudite Nursing Institute™ makes available voluntary and subsidized services for bonafide public servants at the local, state, and federal levels–as well as civilian and non-civilian members of the armed services.

Long-standing partnerships with member organizations (select hospitals, clinicals, etc.) of the Healthcare Delivery System are among the limited population of persons qualified and eligible to receive training (personnel) and/or services from ERUDITE.

In addition, consideration for candidacy for ERUDITE programs may be given to select individuals, at the sole discretion of ERUDITE, whom are both qualified and eligible to apply pursuant national accreditation standards, as well as capable of demonstrating their status as “nontraditional” students in accordance with the NCES’ guidelines under the U.S. Department of Education and the Nontraditional Credentialing Standards Model™(NCSM).