1) OBTAIN: Authorization To Apply™ (ATA)

Before submitting the Application for Admission and fee, verify application eligibility. Because all Erudite Nursing Institute™ programs are intended for nontraditional students with verifiable medical credentials that meet established eligibility requirements, students may not apply without first obtaining an ATA. This can be done by completing the following two steps:

  1. Review the "General Program Information" in the Program Catalogue to determine eligbility,
  2. Complete the online "Eligibility Confirmation Test" (click here) to confirm eligibility and obtain ATA in order to apply

2) SUBMIT: Application & Fee

Once the ATA has been obtained and eligibility to apply confirmed, submit Application for Admission and fee (non-refundable).

Submit Application Pay Application Fee

3) CHECK: E-mail for Confirmation

Check your e-mail for confirmation of application and further instructions for completing registration.