All You Need To Know About COVID-19

All You Need To Know About COVID-19

COVID-19, the unknown respiratory illness is shaking the world with terror and is causing a significant downfall in the global economy and a massive death count all throughout the planet. The novel disease also termed as the Wuhan virus originated from the industrial town Wuhan, a major city of the People’s Republic Of China. The main reason for the spread, is not known to the humans but it is speculated that the infection was caused by the wet market of Wuhan city. Several big and small organizations are working day and night, including the World Health Organisation to find a proper and anti-viral drug to reduce the spread.

Here in this blog, let us discuss some very important stuffs that you need to know about the novel coronavirus.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 or the coronavirus belongs to a large family of viruses that are mainly the cause of several respiratory infections and viral fever. The diseases that are generally caused by these viruses can range from a simple common cold to several other serious infections.

The coronavirus or the nCoV is a completely new strain of virus belonging from the same corona family and it has never been identified affecting mankind previously.

On 30th of January, 2020, Dr. Tedros Adhanom the present director of WHO, made an opening remark on COVID-19 at the media briefing calling it a pandemic and also termed it as an emergency for public health of international concern.

What Are The Initial Symptoms of COVID-19?

People affected by coronavirus can experience mild illness in the initial days of infection. Some people can easily recover being in quarantine whereas others might need some sort of medical help. Some basic symptoms of coronavirus include, fatigue, sore throat, dry cough, fever and shortness of breath. In severe cases it can result in acute respiratory illness, pneumonia and even death.

How Does The Virus Spread?

The main cause of the virus spread is by close contact with an infected person. Small air droplets ejected from an infected persons mouth while sneezing or coughing can seriously infect others. Touching of surfaces or objects like tables, doorknobs, etc that are contaminated by the infection can also cause serious harm. As because, the Wuhan Virus is a completely new disease and with no existing vaccine for it, it spreads very easily and rapidly.

What Are The Possible Treatments of COVID-19?

Most of the people who get affected by the novel coronavirus can get well by taking an ample amount of rest and by staying in quarantine. In case of any serious symptoms, one can surely take the help of the medical team or get admitted to the hospital. According to the recent data, an anti-viral drug for the disease is under development and might take some more time to reach out to the mass population. Though recent research states that drugs that are in use to cure malaria such as hydroxychloroquine can help in curing corona affected people.

While each and every country is facing the pandemic with courage, doctors, nurses and the medical team remains to be in the first line of defense. Current reports state that there is a massive shortage of trained nurses and medical staff in the US. In order to fulfill the shortage, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and some other American government organizations came up with some brilliant ideas and plans. Their plan includes several instructions for the nursing schools and Institutes of Higher Education of America to fight against this dreaded disease. Erudite online nursing schools, being an elite institution, has come up with many online accelerated nursing programs to help the existing nurses in their fight against the coronavirus disease.




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