The huge demand for more nurses, is quite dramatic these days.

Hospitals giving unbelievable offers, from free tuitions, huge bonuses, flat screen TVs to free housing, everything considered unthinkable to suggest as bait in assuring nurses to permanently settle in their career has been already done.

Even though the demand for these professionals is very high in the medical sector entailed with promising rewards, a prospective nurse must imbue excellent traits to provide great patient care experience and to endure the harsh workplace they delve into.

Do you have what it takes to be a top performing nurse?

Here are the best traits you as a potential nurse should have:


EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATING SKILLS. A nurse should have an effective approach in addressing the needs of his/her patients with their families in terms of medical treatments, doctor’s prescriptions, and other important instructions. You’ll assure everyone that everything is under control and would say it in a comforting manner.


SOUND MIND & GOOD LISTENING ABILITY. A fully engaged nurse is attentive in all things happening around. You must remain coordinated even with the tiniest details. From time-bound instructions to treatments and specific medicines, everything should be double checked to AVOID any mistakes. The life of your patient, and your career depends on your performance.


STRONG PHYSICAL ENDURANCE. In the strenuous nature of the hospital workplace, a nurse should save enough strength and stamina to go on with the harrowing challenges the job demands to avoid getting worn out easily. From series of full time shifts; transporting and assisting patients on their wheelchairs; to running and walking along corridors in carrying out doctors and patients instructions, there’s need for you to execute a consistent energy that should last a shift period.


EMOTIONALLY FIRM & CONTROLLED. In your experience as a nurse, you’ll be handling the stress of everybody around, from your pissed co-workmates to wailing patients and pressured doctors. You should be calm and persistent to move further, neglecting all of the distractions around. Try not to absorb the negative atmosphere, instead spread good vibes to everyone. Giving just a smile will do. Sometimes, you might made some mistakes and should considerably need a word from your superior, just take the mistake as a challenge and promise yourself never to do it next time.


EMPATHETIC TOWARDS PATIENTS. A nurse tends to comfort the patients. You are immersing yourself in a sad situation in trying to connect with their pain and grief; and understanding their needs and motivations. Everyone in the industry needs this kind of nurse infused trait.


These listed qualities may seem only few but over with that, Erudite Nursing Institute™ already find these qualities a strong foundation for a better workforce.


The institute together with government offices and important sectors strive to produce top performing nurse professionals to provide great patient satisfaction. The said qualities are one of the easily recognized traits that the health sector needs to guarantee a paramount quality in serving the community.




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