Well, what do you expect as a fresh graduate nurse?

New adjustments, new environment, new system, new social culture, new faces, and most of all, NEW CHALLENGES!

Let’s face it, a life of a nurse, is a “not-so-easy” career for most of us, but let’s not turn our noses away to some of its opportunities like great pays, housing deals, and more.

As a freshie in this field, do not stress yourself out, take courage and let the good vibes roll darling.

For you to stay on fleek with your job, here are great advices for you to stay on top:


OBSERVE AND ASK QUESTIONS. Yes, no man is an island, you cannot give what you do not have. Meaning, you can’t give an all-out performance with your job, without the advices from some of your experienced colleagues. Observe how your fellow workmates does and resolves things from attending patient admissions, taking note doctor’s prescriptions and instructions, designating nurse shifts, time management, and all. Also use your mouth, talk to your superiors when critical situations arise, because you can’t go into a battle without armory. Let your senses work, by doing this, you can hone your abilities, in how you can actively participate in your job physically and mentally.


RESPECT. Every nurse must stress and imbue this kind of action to everyone. From medical colleagues, and patients, to building staffs and utility workers. Lay down an enough amount of respect to everyone, regardless, of class, occupation, race, and all. Treat everyone fairly.


KNOW EVERYTHING BY HEART. In learning, the mind is not the only that works, the heart does too. Dedication, courage and perseverance by way the way of the heart lets you learn things efficiently and effectively. You will not grow and take root in your career, without loving it.


EXPERIENCE THINGS IN PERSONAL. Also, you can’t relate things when you haven’t experienced it yet. That’s the power of self-immersion, experience everything from the technicalities of the job.


BE CONFIDENT IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. Take all the worries away. Be mindful of every tasks that you failed and solved. Take note with that. Be grateful for all the challenges that you may face ahead. Being confident, means believing with yourself. Confidence brings positivity and good outlook.


DIG THROUGH THE SURFACE. Don’t think that you now know things already because, it may lead you to frustrations. It’s a case to case basis, you may not know that the knowledge you have is totally incomplete in general. Be down to earth and learn things the deeper way. A beautifully shaped gem is perfected through series of carvings. You can’t perfect a certain craft without trials and errors.


ENJOY EVERY PART OF YOUR JOB. Without joy means being lonely and depressed. Skip out this habit. Fill yourself with happiness and contentment. Be your own clown at home or at work. Let your family, colleagues, and patients feel your vibrancy. This way, you can win relationships and trust with everyone. I am not saying you should be someone else, but being happy in your own way means you are reliving your happy hormones up, fighting off disease and all negativities around.


Erudite Nursing Institute™, salutes those nurses who have commitment and love in serving his/her fellow countrymen to deliver high-quality care to the general public.

The institute believes that taking down the career path in nursing means a more intimate and personal experience for self-growth in all odds.


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