As of the present setting, complex issues concerning the state of healthcare and the nursing industry are still predominantly visible. Many of these problems continue to multiply even though exhaustive governmental efforts are done to combat these difficulties. Of all these, nurses are still the ones who are repeatedly targeted physically, socially, mentally, civically, etc.

There are much more to tackle about, but let us at least cite the core problems where these matters flourished.


Though pleasing compensations are now established on most healthcare providers, we can’t deny the fact that, some of these institutions cannot provide much better offers than other health providers to significantly keep nurses in the heat of nursing shortage. Under compensation, salary is the main factor why nurses tend to leave their present positions and try to seek other opportunities in far-flung places abroad or shift to another line of work.



For most new nurses, work culture adjustment is an upfront thing that they need to cope. Sadly, apart from this, these newly graduated nurses should also face a hierarchal controversy that’s been already around for ages – nurse bullying. They are quite vulnerable to discrimination because some veteran nurses are not so welcoming, they can be self-humiliating and at times rude too. These experiences slows down the enthusiasm of these nurses to go on further and dream for higher grounds in their field specialty.



The nursing job is terribly exhausting, whether it’s mentally, physically, or even spiritually in other cases. Nurses are hugely exposed to certain diseases and viruses that could possibly infect them. Long, extended hours deprives them to sleep causing them to have fatigue-related sicknesses. Their safety affairs during working hours are sometimes compromised like lifting heavy patients, in operation with sharp medical instruments, needles, unaware for some untoward accidents.



Due to nursing shortage, nurses in most hospitals have no other option but to take on more shifts or to cover for their co-nurses absence. Causing them to miss important family gatherings, and necessary time to rest themselves. These factors can instantly affect them causing them to burnout, frustrated, and be unsatisfied with their job.


Erudite Nursing Institute™ currently provides ways to combat these core problems in the present time. Nurses as front liners for optimal health basically need some implementable heightened educational programs, work reforms and benefit adjustments with the help of health sectors, school organizations, and government agencies.




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