Could Statins Reduce the Severity of COVID-19?

Could Statins Reduce the Severity of COVID-19?

The recent data about the huge growth rate of COVID-19 shows that blood clots, intense inflammation, and stroke are some of the severe symptoms that are caused by coronavirus disease. Years of research also shows that apart from lowering the cholesterol levels, statins also play a big role in reducing blood clots, decreasing inflammation, and preventing damage to endothelial tissues. These endothelial tissues or the thin layer of cells also seem to be widely affected by the Coronavirus disease.

There is even some more evidence proving satins to be an antiviral for the COVID-19. Many scientists, virologists, doctors, and epidemiologists are now looking forward to see if these satins can be a possible way of treating COVID-19 patients. Reportedly the coronavirus has sickened almost 8.9 million people worldwide and has killed 467,114 as of now.

Statin’s Affect On Blood Clot And Inflammation

Recent data tells that statins might be able to reduce the severity of the coronavirus pandemic or can even help in preventing death. A study done by 150 individuals suggests that a combination of an antihypertensive drug and satin can even have much more benefit, but that theory needs more research to be finalized. These drugs can even suppress the inflammatory cytokines, like the interleukin-6. They directly target the cell signaling molecules such that they could break just before entering the endothelial tissues. Creating a barrier between the two types of tissues can help in keeping the dangerous inflammatory molecules out of the lungs. This particular treatment type is a typical example of an emerging idea in disease research also termed as disease tolerance. These treatments help in targeting the host response, rather than just the virus.

Statins Interference With The SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Statins might not directly target the blood clots or the inflammation, but it can directly interact with the virus. This drug also helps in reducing the cholesterol level thus preventing the virus from entering the cell membranes. A study done through computer stimulation found that different satins can inhibit the COVID-19 virus main protease. This enzyme is very much needed for viral transcription and replication.

Performance Of Satin’s In Clinical Trials

Though the data related to satins and COVID-19 are very scarce, the evidence from similar infections like influenza indicates that this drug can be beneficial in the long term.

While all the countries across the world are facing the coronavirus pandemic with courage, the nurses, doctors, and the medical facility remains to be in the front line of defense. Recent data suggest that there is a big shortage of medical authorities and trained nurses in the United States. In order to fill that shortage, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, along with some other American government institutions came up with some great plans and ideas. These plans include several notifications for the Higher education institutes and the nursing schools of the US to fight bravely against this pandemic. Erudite online nursing school came up with an idea to provide online courses including some accelerated nursing programs to further help the nurses fight against the dreaded Coronavirus disease.


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