COVID-19 Is “Very Different” in Young Kids Versus Adults

COVID-19 Is “Very Different” in Young Kids Versus Adults

According to the World Health Organization or WHO, there are nearly ten million active COVID-19 cases all throughout the globe as of June 30, 2020. In the month of April, the United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reported that almost about two percent of the active coronavirus cases in the United States are children younger than eighteen years. Further evidence that came from the European Union, China, and the US indicates that in most cases children tend to have minor infections from the virus. According to a study published in a Chinese newspaper, it said that the children who are hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 cases, generally tend to have a mild illness when compared to the adults. This study eventually proves that children infected by the coronavirus are very much different when compared to their adult counterparts.

Study On COVID-19 In Young Kids

 Another new study documented the cases of around thirty-four children of the age group from one month to twelve years admitted between the 27th of Jan to 23rd of February,2020. All the patients included twenty girls and fourteen boys having confirmed coronavirus infections.

The most common symptoms among them were fever (76%), cough (62%), diarrhea, and vomiting which is present in twelve percent of the subjects. All the above symptoms are more frequent in adults according to the reports of CDC. Only six pediatric patients have shown symptoms such as heart defect, and asthma, while CDC found that ninety percent of the adults have this underlying severe health condition. It was even found that half of the children were infected by other respiratory issues, such as Mycoplasma pneumonia or Influenza A or B, causing cough and sore throat in kids. In terms of the transmission of the disease, thirteen had a family member with coronavirus. While eighteen of the totals were exposed to the suspected case, and the rest sixteen didn’t show any clear source of virus transmission.

Transmission Of COVID-19 From Kids To Adults

 There are even some other reports about the dynamics of the infection from pediatric patients to their near ones. Though the transmission from adults to the children is identified, there is no whatsoever evidence of transmission from infants to caregivers or any other close contact.

Some other studies even propose different biological explanations for lower disease levels seen in children. A report published in the US daily said that people who are younger than twenty years are least prone to COVID-19 infection when compared to people older than twenty.

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