Current Global Scenario Of COVID-19 Infections

Current Global Scenario Of COVID-19 Infections

The Wuhan virus or the COVID-19 started expanding in a circle format infecting several countries of Asia such as South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, and then spreading its routes throughout the European Union and thereafter affecting the American continent. The name “novel” was added to it because the virus showed mutation symptoms on humans that we never saw before. The real cause of the outbreak is still unknown to humans, but it is believed that the spread is linked to the wet market of Wuhan, China. The symptomatology of the novel coronavirus is quite similar to other respiratory illnesses. The cases regarding this novel form of coronavirus may vary from mild to severe forms, and in some cases, it may even cause death. For all these reasons, the World Health Organisation and all other worldwide organizations jointly named this infectious disease as a pandemic.


The COVID-19, just a few months back, was only native to China. The irony lies in the fact that we hardly know anything about this virus. Thus, morbidity and mortality across the globe are at its highest. The topic of the COVID-19 pandemic is vast in each and every aspect to cover in a single page, and so is its impact across the world. The time seems to be at a pause, and the panic or the horror among the people is soaring as high as never before.


With the help of the details of some unpublished Chinese data, the first case of coronavirus infection dated back on the 17th of November, 2019. From then to now, there are about 1,976,192 numbers of active cases worldwide. The world economy is falling like oozing out volcanoes from Lava Mountains and people suffering like animals in the slaughterhouse. Families losing their beloved ones like the after-effect of a world war and the world are indeed in despair and disaster.


The confirmed coronavirus cases in Europe are soaring at its peak, with Spain having 172,541   numbers of cases followed by Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Denmark, and others. Italy recording 919 death tolls in a day, the highest figure ever recorded in a country. With floating pictures of Italy all over the internet where doctors are seen crying and dead bodies getting piled up for a funeral, things are just getting worse. The most powerful country in the world, the United States also seemed to accept a defeat against nature. With about 607,670 confirmed cases, our hope remains in the hands of GOD and our medical team. The game of chess that is being played between nature and us, the humans is costing the lives of many and giving a spin to the world economy.


Our medical team including the doctors, nurses, and other staff are our only hope. Thus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have come up with many thoughts and strategies to fulfil their shortages. Erudite online nursing school, following all the protocols and guidelines of the CDC and OSHA, has started offering many virtual accelerated nursing programs to the new and existing nursing staff of America. The highly effective certification course on emergency preparedness and response training for the nurses might help us win the fight against the dreadful pandemic.




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