Do We Have Adequate Medical Facilities To Fight Novel Coronavirus

Do We Have Adequate Medical Facilities To Fight Novel Coronavirus

The panic over the COVID- 19 pandemic has manifested to its greatest forms throughout the US. The world’s largest economy is slowing down. Stock markets getting to their lowest points. Walmart running out of sanitizers and the largest of all, the big apple, New York City coming to a complete pause.

Experts of this domain say that there are enough reasons to be worried about, not because the citizens have less time to stock their foods or they won’t get their hands-on masks and sanitizers. Instead, the creeping fear and the reason for staying up at night is whether the US health care system has enough facilities to handle an influx of coronavirus cases.

It is even stated by the experts that there is a massive shortage of trained medical staff and nurses, and the whole system is in utter need to communicate in a more effective manner.

With the increase of each and every case of the COVID- 19 viruses, the most prominent issue a medical team is going to face is in finding a suitable place to treat the infected persons. There are several questions on the capability of the US to address the novel coronavirus infected citizens. The available data given by the joint venture of the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development states that there are only 2.8 hospital beds for every 1000 people on average. In contrast to this, other epicenters of coronavirus outbreak have a lot more hospital bed capacity than this data. For example, South Korea has 12.3, Italy has 3.2, Germany has 8.0, and China has 4.3 for every 1,000 people.

Despite all the higher bed counts, these countries all are facing severe issues in handling the enormous influxes of the COVID-19 infected in their hospitals. However, one significant advantage of the US over other countries is the great ICU bed counts. There is an estimate of about 45000 ICU beds in the US. But this figure is relatively low even if in case of a moderate outbreak. A senior professor and an analyst for the New York Times, Aaron Carroll says that in case of a moderate outbreak, almost around 200,000 American citizens would fight for one ICU bed.

Another big issue that the hospitals in the US are facing during this wartime is the shortages in the production of adequate safety equipment. The lack in the supply of protective gowns, masks, and headgear is simply imperiling the workability of the medical soldiers and even putting their own life at stake. In an interview, doctors and some medical staff confronted about their rapidly increasing anxiousness and mental health. Most of them feared getting exposed to themselves and their beloved ones with this virus.

The CDC or Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, along with other American Organisations, have been working day in and day out to stop the spread of this dreaded disease. These organizations have come out with some exceptional strategies for the Higher Education Institutes and the nursing schools to help fight the battle against the unknown. Erudite online nursing school, abiding all the regulations of OSHA and CDC has been offering many courses including some online accelerated nursing programs and a dedicated certification course on response training and emergency preparedness to fight the war against the novel coronavirus.




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