Flu and HIV Drugs Show Efficacy Against Coronavirus

Flu and HIV Drugs Show Efficacy Against Coronavirus

According to a recent publication of Thailand, a typical combination of HIV and flu drugs might be capable of treating severe cases of COVID-19, a new form of coronavirus that has emerged from China. A research team that used a combination of HIV drugs such as ritonavir and lopinavir along with a flu drug called oseltamivir, showed results in improving the health condition of many severe COVID-19 patients.

In some Chinese statements, it said that these medications might not be the actual cure but it can surely help in improving a patient’s health condition. The same report even said that a person who was tested positive for ten long days, turned negative just after 48 hours of using these medications. According to the Chinese health ministry officials, they said that they are undergoing several other studies to make sure that the combined use of these drugs can be used as a standard treatment protocol.

Apart from those Asian countries, many other nations also showed great interest in the use of HIV drugs against the dreaded COVID-19 virus. According to Fierce Pharma, China and other countries started recommending ritonavir and lopinavir drugs to the novel coronavirus patients. Both these drugs are on sale by an Illinois based pharma company called AbbVie. It also came into limelight when AbbVie pledged to give $1.5million worth of drugs for their effort.

A randomized and controlled medical trial of these two drugs is underway in China. A dedicated team is now testing the efficiency of these HIV and flu drugs. Some scientists in Hongkong are also testing these drugs on patients along with some other sort of immune system boosting medication in order to find better results.

Apart from this drug, some other treatments are also taken into consideration by different pharma companies and national governments. This includes Gilead’s remdesivir, a drug that was made for the treatment of Ebola. Gilead is even working very closely with different global health authorities in order to give a response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. According to a chief medical officer of the company, Gilead is making proper experimental use of different investigational compounds of the drug remdesivir.

Moderna Therapeutics, a Massachusetts based drug company, in the meanwhile is collaborating with a US government organization called US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease in order to build an mRNA vaccine for the COVID-19 infection. If their trials go well, they might administer the drug by the year-end or during the initial phase of 2021.

While all the countries across the world are facing the coronavirus pandemic with courage, the nurses, doctors, and the medical facility remains to be in the front line of defense. Recent data suggest that there is a big shortage of medical authorities and trained nurses in the United States. In order to fill that shortage, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, along with some other American government institutions came up with some great plans and ideas. These plans include several notifications for the Higher education institutes and the nursing schools of the US to fight bravely against this pandemic. Erudite online nursing school came up with an idea to provide online courses including some accelerated nursing programs to further help the nurses fight against the dreaded Coronavirus disease.








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