Well, we can’t deny that we work not just for ourselves but for our families too. How can you simply support and sustain the needs of yourself when you’re also concentrating to help your family?

Practically, we need more digits in our salaries to pace up with these.

With the nature of the nursing job to be much stressful and hectic than ever, do you have what it takes to be a superwoman when it comes to money?

Here are tips set for you:


FIND A NICE LOCATION. Being in the line of a travel nurse, your job lets you travel much more. Certain states like California might be the best place for you. Here, hospital systems like Kaiser Permanente or in the Bay Area can be your golden pot of success. Other places available with higher pays for travel nurses but are on harsh winter conditions are in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Alaska, and Illinois.


WORK IN A HIGH-PAYING SPECIALTY. Most in-demand jobs for travel nurses are those that require a more specialized-skill, experience and knowledge. The highest earning fields are in the following areas: ICU, Operating Room, Delivery Room, Neonatal ICU, Emergency Room, etc.


INTRODUCE YOURSELF ON EMR CONVERSION TRAVEL NURSING ASSIGNMENTS. For better pays, you should be familiar with EMR or Electronic Medical Record, because hospital systems are currently converting their systems in this new technology. Here, travel nurses who are already proficient with this kind of electronic system are in demand. There are things that you’ll be needed to address like patient care support by filling in for staff, at the same time, help nurses to implement and navigate their new EMR system.


WORK OVERTIME AND ON HOLIDAYS. This part might be a bit too desperately demanding and exhausting for you. But, if you still have some energy left and can still go on further, try to work overtime and on holidays. Just keep in mind to know your limits. Remember, time is gold for money but health is wellness dear!


HAVE YOURSELF AVAILABLE AT SMALL TOWNS. Honestly speaking, least appealing, underserved locations like on rural areas, are short for nurses. So they offer surprising package offers like bigger pays. If you’re someone who can be adventurous and adaptive in any other places, you can consider this golden tip.


Erudite Nursing Institute™ wants to help nurses discover the traveler in them. If you like traveling for leisure while at work, try this exciting job experience!




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