Attending someone else’s necessity rather than attending your child’s care can sometimes be heartbreaking for most working moms. You want to seek your child’s attention but your work demands more than what a normal job does. But we can’t deny the fact that we work hard just to earn our children a bigger, brighter future. That’s what moms are.

Yes, guilt does occur on most of us. Do you think you can still manage to work and still having the guilt of leaving your child behind?


Here are tips to keep you grow emotionally:


DO NOT PUSH YOUR FEELINGS AWAY. Acknowledging what you feel gives you time to internalize what your emotion tells you rather than pushing your feelings away stresses you more. By sitting with your own feelings just for a while lets you know on what purpose does your hardships are for. It’s not only that you’re working just for your own self but for your kid as well. Though you have an incomplete set of family, your enduring love towards your children is incomparable. You are balancing between nursing duties in competition with your motherly obligations. Try to talk with a trusted friend, write some things in your own diary (if you have one), or approach your own mom cause she’s the only one who knows you the most, and feel what a mom feels.


DISCOVER AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS. As you dig through your guilt, try to talk to that “guilt,” and ask what could be the perfect solution to solve your current situation. Try to approach someone from the workplace, might be your co-workmate or your superior, in consulting what sustainable solutions can be done to address your problem. Could that be your hectic schedule or overloading workload? To help ease your longingness, try to have a constant monitoring with someone at home who attends the needs of your child, could it be your mom, your sibling or a caregiver and try to talk with your kid for some time.


CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Looking through things differently lets you have a stress-free outlook and more meaningful purpose with your job. When you’re now out for work, do not give your child that tearful face, because you’re giving him/her a negative energy, letting your child down at the same time. Be grateful that you have an honorable job that makes your kid proud of what you do.

Erudite Nursing Institute™ salutes moms who are nurses too. It’s not an easy task doing responsibilities of a nurse, attending other’s need while not taking care of your child at home. Having a healthy emotional growth will take you to the peak of your profession. Remember achievement pays off well, when you’re investing hardwork.




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