How Can We Win The War Against Coronavirus?

How Can We Win The War Against Coronavirus?

The COVID- 19 disease is already a reason for the economic paralysis and widespread panic. With the infection and death rate increasing day by day, it feels like mankind is coming towards a devastating end.

Global reports say that most of the coronavirus cases are being originated from mainland China and it is getting escalated day by day. But looking at the current scenario, it seems that the United States and some parts of the European Union are the new epicenters of the disease. The absence of any anti-viral medications as of now is worsening the scenario, leaving us with the only option of giving a pause to the pandemic.

As America battles against an invisible enemy, what can be said is that the US is in real need of unparalleled wartime efforts to win the fight against the novel coronavirus. People in the US, along with the government, have to take this matter very seriously and put some reforms uniformly to eliminate this threat.

Some type of measures may include:

  • Personal Hygiene: According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the best way to stay safe is to avoid exposure to this virus. The COVID-19 disease spreads from person to person, for which people must follow some essential hygiene tips. Regular washing of hands, wearing facemasks, staying at home, using tissues to cover mouth and nose while sneezing can help in stopping the spread of the coronavirus
  • Social distancing: The first approach of social distancing is to ask people to stay away from one another. This means the foreclosure of restaurants, bars, schools, and places of entertainment, etc. People must not gather or meet in groups, and all the veteran companies must ask their employees to start working from home.
  • Testing: If we would have known each and every single person who is infected by this pandemic, we could have easily isolated them and give them proper medical aid. This would have resulted in this pandemic to get over in just a few weeks. The only option left for us is to create test centers that can use polymerase chain reaction or PCR technique. These test sites must work in such a way that it can be a leisurely walk through or drop-in, as being done in different parts of the UK or South Korea.
  • Medical Facilities: The final way to cope up with this pandemic is by improving the medical system. Research says that at least 20% of the coronavirus causalities will need special care in the hospitals, and another 5% will need attention in the ICU’s including ventilators and intubation. With the existing shortage of nurses and medical staff, it can intensify the problem and can even damage the nation’s ability to recover from the present coronavirus

The CDC or Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, along with some other American Organisations, have been working day in and day out to overcome the spread of this dreaded disease. These organizations have come out with some exceptional strategies for the Higher Education Institutes and the nursing schools to help fight the battle against the unknown. Erudite online nursing school, abiding all the regulations of OSHA and CDC has been offering many courses including some online accelerated nursing programs and a dedicated certification course on response training and emergency preparedness to fight the war against the novel coronavirus.




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