How Online Nursing Program Can Help Fight Against COVID-19

How Online Nursing Program Can Help Fight Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation came into light due to a completely unknown cause originating from the Wuhan city of Hubei Province in China. This coronavirus epidemic can be defined as a typical type of severe respiratory problem along with pneumonia. The COVID-19 is capable of spreading very rapidly just by the contact of an infected person. The World Health Organisation (WHO) named the virus responsible for COVID-19 as SARS-CoV-2 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

Due to the current situation and for the national emergency the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated different strategies and plans for all the nursing schools and Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) to get prepared and respond to the current COVID-19 disease.

In the current scenario, all the brick and mortar traditional nursing institutes are instructed to foreclose and temporarily dismiss all their classes and events in the near future. This resulting in a huge nursing shortage and the inadequate nursing institutes available to prepare future nurses, causing a great setback, deficit, and damage to our nation's ability to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. The future predictions made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that this foreclosure of the nursing institutes would be acting as a catalyst to the nursing shortage fire at a very bad point of time, already when the US and other parts of the world are fighting day and night to recover from the coronavirus disease. The situation might get really worse like this.

The incapability of the traditional nursing schools to provide distance or online/digital mode of nursing education instructed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be of a great disadvantage and surely lessen the chance to survive and respond to the current COVID-19 storm that hit the US and the world by surprise.

Fortunately, the eligible persons may apply for non-traditional nursing courses that are offered by Erudite Nursing Instituteto help in the survival of our nation. Erudite Nursing Institute works in a complete digital or online way, much different from the working principle of a traditional nursing school yet providing the best nursing education possible. The institute is an online nursing school that offers various accelerated nursing programs in the distance and digital mode such as Registered Nursing (RN), Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

In addition to all these a special 90 hours certification course on Emergency Preparedness and Response COVID-19 can help the fellow American nurses to take emergency reasonable measures and help in demonstrating their work for the high benefit of public interest. This course can even be beneficial for them for becoming a capable candidate for the different and highly sought after positions in all the medical and nursing fields. Erudite Nursing Institute is the nation’s first provider for COVID-19 national certification and training courses and we provide all-round and comprehensive online nursing training programs that can help our medical person handle this deadly disease successfully.




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