How Proper Nursing And Medical Care Can Cure Coronavirus Patients

How Proper Nursing And Medical Care Can Cure Coronavirus Patients

The current outbreak of Corona Virus or the SARS-CoV-2 is the reason for the death of many across the US and throughout the globe. Originating from a cause completely unknown to humans, this particular virus first showed its symptoms in the Wuhan city of Hubei province in China. The World Health Organisation or WHO has already termed this infectious virus as a pandemic. Researchers say that the current COVID-19 virus is a collateral descendent or the SARS virus of 2003, showing similar RNA structures. The common symptoms of the COVID-19 are fever, shortness of breath, cough and breathing issues. In more severe cases it can even cause severe respiratory illness, pneumonia or even death.

Globally, the cases of coronavirus victims are being escalated day by day, with China being the most infected among all. But looking at the current scenario it seems that the coronavirus is spreading way faster in some countries of the European Union and the US. Without the presence of an anti-viral medication as of now the only option that is left for treating the victims is through proper nursing and medical care.

If anyone gets infected by the COVID-19 disease and develop symptoms while getting exposed to the virus, self-isolation, and consultation with medical staff is a must. The victims should tell the medical staff if he or she has any travel history to any place where there is already a community spread of COVID-19 pandemic according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the WHO. After determining all the above conditions, the doctor might take samples or conduct medical tests, which includes saliva sample (sputum), throat swab or a nasal swab, to determine the severity of the infection.

Anti-viral drugs or vaccines are currently under the early stages of development. Antibiotics used for fever are also ineffective because COVID-19 is a virus, not bacteria.

If patients are diagnosed with severe infection, some special supportive treatment might be given by the medical staff of the hospital. The type of treatment may include:

  • Medication like Paracetamol to reduce fever.
  • A large quantity of fluid intake to reduce dehydration risk.
  • Providing external oxygen support.
  • Patients with critical respiratory problems might require ventilator support.
  • All other supportive care provided by the nursing team and the medical care team might seem to be beneficial and highly effective to the corona virus-infected patients.

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