How To Effectively Handle Coronavirus Cases?

How To Effectively Handle Coronavirus Cases?

The rising cases of the coronavirus infection are the reason for the big worldwide economic fall and a cause of terror among people. The massive number of daily cases of COVID-19 makes the fall of humans look inevitable. Originating from a reason, which is not known to us, the World Health Organization or the WHO was bound to call it a pandemic. It seems like the whole world is in war with the invincible, and we are getting badly defeated.

Well, the Trump government has been making all efforts to handle the COVID-19 cases with different types of awareness campaigns, alert monitoring systems, setting up test centres, providing good quality healthcare, and a lot more. With the end of February, the US government began to heighten its response in the fight against coronavirus.

According to the current scenario, different parts of the United States see different types and levels of coronavirus activity. The country altogether is in the acceleration phase of the infection. The level of their severity depends entirely on how the virus is infecting and the primary public response.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended each and every citizen to do their part in effectively handling the current health threats.

  • The CDC and the US government recommended the use of a face mask or a cloth face covering to stop the spreading infection. It is even stated that the cloth face covering isn't a substitute for social distancing.
  • The White House guidelines to slow the spread is in effect till April 30. These specific guidelines are part of the nationwide effort to stop the spread of the novel disease with the help of social distancing at all levels.
  • Senior citizens of the country and the others having any sort of previous medical issues are asked to take special care and precaution because of the higher risk of getting ill by the COVID-19.
  • THE CDC strictly instructed the health care workers and all nursing staff to wear PPE to resist the infection and other threats caused by airborne pathogens.
  • COVID-19 testing is accessed through different public health departments and medical providers, but as of now, there are no antiviral drugs present. People tested positive with coronavirus having mild symptoms can recover from being in self-isolation. In case of serious issues or respiratory problems, patients can take medical help or get admitted to any medical facilities.

With the suggestions of different research teams, microbiologist and virologist, the Trump government bought a sizeable chunk of around 30 million Hydroxychloroquine tablets from India. In a recent press conference, President Trump stated that this anti-malarial drug could help in treating the COVID- 19 patients. While the world is passing through a difficult phase, organizations and medical researchers are working day and night to build a vaccine.

In order to help our medical facilities and fill the enormous shortages of nurses, doctors, and other medical staff, many different government and non-government organizations, including CDC or the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, have come up with many strategies and ideas. Several instructions are provided to the Higher Education Institutes and the nursing schools of America to cope up and start fighting the war against the COVID-19 virus. Erudite online nursing school, following all the protocols and guidelines of the CDC, has started offering many virtual accelerated nursing programs to the new and existing nursing staff of America. Erudite nursing school's highly effective certification course on emergency preparedness and response training for the nurses can help us win the fight against the dreadful pandemic.




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