Is The U.S. The New Coronavirus Epicentre?

Is The U.S. The New Coronavirus Epicentre?

The COVID- 19 pandemic has already started killing Americans disproportionately. This pandemic seems to be even more dangerous than the Pearl Harbour attacks of 1941. The country has reached a tragic milestone this weekend and has a lot more number of novel coronavirus infected patients than any other countries in the world. The cases regarding coronavirus are raising quite dramatically and the trend looks in a way to continue, despite the rigorous lockdown in affected areas the country. As of now, there are at least 607,670 confirmed cases in the United States and around 25,832 people have already died from the COVID-19 infection.

The huge numbers of infections are mainly transmitting due to the huge population of 330 million and the total landmass of the country. Reportedly the US is five times the size of both the UK and Italy combined. The contagious disease spreads in slight contact from person to person and the rate at which the pandemic is doubling- it clearly suggests that the US is the new epicentre of the Coronavirus.

Such growth ratios are particularly very dangerous, and it can cause a big surge in medical care demand. New York City is one such place where it is seen that the number of cases is rising at rocket speed. Almost 45 percent of the country’s confirmed COVID-19 cases are from this state alone.

The state seems to under complete lockdown for almost about a month now in order to slow the spread of the virus. But looking at the facts it is clear that the lockdown just had just some limited effect on the spread of the virus. Coronavirus positive cases in Michigan and New Jersey are also on the verge of doubling rapidly. If this scenario continues the mighty and powerful US can come towards a dreadful end.

Currently, the United States is not only leading in terms of the new cases each day but if the death toll continues the same growth rate, it can easily top anything caught into a vision so far in Europe and Asia.

The current condition of the United States makes us sure that the virus tears the whole world of immunologically inexperienced people. With such a huge death rate and active cases rising with every new dawn, it’s high time to give a pause to this spread. For that, the great nation needs some steady increase in our medical facilities and join hands with others who all are going through these tough times. The health care facilities, including doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, are the kings and queens of this unknown checkerboard, fighting a war where the enemy is invincible.

To bring help to our medical team and fulfil the enormous shortage of trained nurses and other medical staff CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come up with many thoughts and strategies. Several instructions and ideas are given to the Higher Education Institutes and the nursing schools of America to cope up and start fighting the war against the COVID-19 virus. Erudite online nursing school, following all the protocols and guidelines of the CDC, has started offering many virtual accelerated nursing programs to the new and existing nursing staff of America. Erudite nursing school's highly effective certification course on emergency preparedness and response training for the nurses can help win the fight against the dreadful pandemic.





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