Negative Mental Effects Of Isolation And Lockdown During The Pandemic

Negative Mental Effects Of Isolation And Lockdown During The Pandemic

The sudden emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has resulted in a public health emergency by the CDC and the World Health Organization. Including the US, several other countries in Europe and Asia are under a considerable number of precautionary measures such as social distancing, quarantines, or under complete lockdown. Ever since the Second World War, this is the first time when Europeans and Americans have been under such restrictions and adjusting with a new lifestyle where the future remains unpredictable.

Earning a living life and keeping up with a job remains uncertain, especially for those who are in a precarious situation. Adding to all these, limiting access to everyday activities, not just going to the office, but even social interaction with other people of the society gives rise to the mental health issues and also weakens physical health, especially for those who are struggling to maintain wellbeing and good health.

The current coronavirus pandemic situation is especially worrying for every one of us. The ones who experience more significant mental health effects as being deprived of social contacts for an extended period of time are worse affected. The young ones of the society are also affected by this social quarantine measure, and mental health issues can also be seen provoking in them.

The feeling of social isolation or loneliness that has reached great heights by the current public health crisis is also having severe health consequences for a large number of socio-economic groups. Apathy and anxiety, along with loneliness, are a few of the mental health issues that are going to stay for a more extended time period, even after the pandemic ends. The increase in the feeling of stress and depression, during this time of uncertainty, will be having severe health impacts on public health and might even result in people being vulnerable to an adverse health condition.

The era in which digitalization, technology, and the internet is an integral part of human life, government, or public health authorities can deploy their capacity to identify people's needs and even help others in addressing their physical and mental impacts of staying in self-quarantine. Support to the doctors can be given with the help of online medical consultants to ensure that the citizens receive proper medical follow-ups.

Such an initiate by the government might help in showing a demo of the digital technologies in the preventive healthcare sector and might assist further in providing an effective response to the patient's need. The use of such technology can allow all patients to avoid self-medication by giving them a proper diagnosis, which might be beneficial to prevent further worsening of the citizen's health during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

While each and every country is facing the pandemic with courage, doctors, nurses, and the medical team still remains to be in the first line of defense. Current reports state that there is a massive shortage of trained nurses and medical staff in the US. In order to fulfill the deficit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and some other American government organizations came up with some brilliant ideas and plans.

Their plan includes several instructions for the nursing schools and Institutes of Higher Education of America to fight against this dreaded disease. Erudite online nursing schools, being an elite institution, has come up with many online accelerated nursing programs to help the existing nurses in their fight against the COVID-19 disease.




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