Origin And Source Of Coronavirus

Origin And Source Of Coronavirus

Sources state that the novel form or coronavirus emerged from the wet market of Wuhan City, China last year and are causing a large scale of the epidemic, spreading its wings to almost all countries in the world. The World Health Organization has called this dreaded infectious disease as a pandemic.

There are several rumours on China that the virus is made in the laboratories in Wuhan, but the analysis of the public genome data of the SARS-CoV-2 and its related virus found no evidence of the infection being engineered. By making a comparison of all the genome sequence data from the strains of coronaviridae family, it can be taken into consideration that the virus originated from a natural process.

Evidence Of Natural Evolution

Scientists, across the globe, found that the RBD portion of the CoV-2 spike proteins has evolved to target a vast molecular feature on the outside part of the structure of the human cell called ACE-2. ACE2 helps in regulating our body’s blood pressure. The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is so effective in binding with the human cells that scientist concluded that it could only be possible due to natural selection and the not by ways of genetic engineering.

Even the molecular structure of the COVID-19 infection supports the fact of its natural evolution. If anyone was seeking to build a new coronavirus as a pathogen, then they can construct it of a virus known to cause illness. Scientists of almost all places found that COVID-19 backbone differed substantially from other known viruses of the coronaviridae family. Josie Golding, a PhD in epidemics, stated that these findings are significant to answer the rumours that are getting circulated all over the internet about the origin of the virus.

Possible Source Of The Virus

Taking the genomic structure into reference, the scientists concluded that the COVID-19 origins are most likely based on two different scenarios.

In the first case, the virus originated to its current form through natural selection in a human host and then made a direct jump to the human. This is quite similar to the previous coronavirus outbreaks such as SARS or MERS. The research even stated that most likely bats are the possible reservoir of the COVID-19 virus. Well, there are no documented cases of direct human from bat transmission.

In the second case, an utterly non-pathogenic version of the virus jumped directly to human host from an animal and then evolved to the current pathogenic state being in the middle of the human population. For example, some coronaviruses from armadillo-like mammals, pangolins have similar RBD structure to that of the present COVID-19.

While each and every country is facing the pandemic with courage, doctors, nurses and the medical team still remains to be in the first line of defence. Current reports state that there is a massive shortage of trained nurses and medical staff in the US. In order to fulfil the deficit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and some other American government organizations came up with some brilliant ideas and plans.

Their plan includes several instructions for the nursing schools and Institutes of Higher Education of America to fight against this dreaded disease. Erudite online nursing schools, being an elite institution, has come up with many online accelerated nursing programs to help the existing nurses in their fight against the COVID-19 disease.








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