With the decreasing number of nurses in the health sector, it’s a critical decision to opt for a nursing career when you know the extent of a bigger responsibility that awaits for you ahead.

Common reasons why many quit with nursing are:

Indeed, these numerous reasons on why too many nurses leave their profession prematurely. Though the job itself and strenuous and requires a lot of emotional coping methods, we still cannot compromise the benefits one can attain when you are in the health workforce.

You can make a difference. The nature of the job is devotedly for the welfare of the humanity. You take part for the growth of everyone. It is self-fulfilling and a very honored job to pursue.

You can have a decent, stable money. Yes! This is just one of the topmost reasons why working in the health sector is the best investment for your engagement, passion, and hard work. As of May 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, the mean annual wage for nurses reached at an amount of $73,550. No more worries, though.

You will always have a flexible schedule. Since, there is always a shortage for nurses, chances are you need to take on some flexible schedules, whether its full time, part time or temporary hire.

You can stay fit. Nurses handle a number of physical exertion like lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, walking, running, etc. than most professions. Still not convinced? Then, just imagine yourself sitting the whole period in your office chair carrying that one ugly belly fat.

Your preferred career will always be in demand. No matter what season in time it is, the demand for more qualified nursing employees is still at its hype, anywhere around. So, more job openings and opportunities for you dear!

You can have variety of job titles in your career. Nursing is a diverse job, because you can become anyone you want. From just being an ordinary hospital nurse, you can be a nurse consultant, a school nurse, a military nurse, a radiology nurse, a psychiatric nurse, and so on.

You can always have a room for advancement. The nursing career is one of the major advantage in the medical field. It is considered the best-stepping stone to advance for a much higher position. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is an educational program that prepares nurses for the highest positions in the field. Look for an accredited online school where you can find the best nursing education programs.

Erudite Nursing Institute™, is an advanced online school for futuristic nursing innovation. It does supports all sectors in the community in achieving the goal of producing highly effective nursing professionals ready take on greater challenges beyond.

In a fast-tracked nursing curriculum, the institute makes the degree program for students more digestive, and easy to take on.

We can’t predict the future ahead but we know that, nursing will still be a career, worth investing.





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