Receptors for SARS-CoV-2 Present in Wide Variety of Human Cells

Receptors for SARS-CoV-2 Present in Wide Variety of Human Cells

When the COVID-19 virus enters the body of a human being, it generally divides itself into two different parts. This happens due to two protein structures called the TMPRSS2 and the ACE2 found in the human cells. The emergence of this new virus, lead us through a lot of debate on viral infections getting into lung cells and gut. Therefore the researchers and scientists have gone deep into the datasets of gene expressions. Their main motive is to show us that target cells are also capable of producing TMPRSS2 and ACE2 and the same are scattered all throughout the human body. All of these include bladder, heart, pancreas, nose, and kidney. These cells can even be found on the human brain and the eye.

COVID-19 Virus Reaching Different Parts Of Human Body

When the result was published, it showed that the presence of these cells was strikingly abundant. Most of the cells were epithelial tissues that lined the outer parts or layers of the organs. These findings cleared that the COVID-19 virus can easily reach any place of a human body and not just focus on the respiratory tract or on any single organ.

Even some scientists at the University of Zurich proved that these coronavirus particles are even present on the vascular endothelium. This is basically a thin cellular lining of blood vessels present in different parts of the body.

In order to uncover the places of the cells that bear TMPRSS2 and ACE2, a group of scientists has pooled out some information on human cells that dates back to 2016. By checking the sequence of every single cell from a pool of 1.3 million cells of human tissues, this team finally found out the actual location of them in the body. Their research and analysis made use of sixteen different unpublished databases of airway cells and lungs and ninety-one other databases including different human organs. The scientists in an interview said that different cells of the body surely produce SARS-CoV2 receptors, but it is not certain if these viruses infect all the human parts.

This cellular study also found that TMPRSS2 and ACE2 transcripts in gut, nasal, and lung cells. Apart from that, it was also found that protein interferon was also activated in the ACE2 expression in vitro. The human body generally makes use of the interferon in order to fight infections, which leads to confusion whether this protein is beneficial to the coronavirus patients.

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