Remdesivir Shows Promise in Largest of Several Clinical Trials

Remdesivir Shows Promise in Largest of Several Clinical Trials

Remdesivir is a drug produced by Gilead Sciences for helping in treating Ebola patients. This antiviral drug has even experimented in the US clinical trials on around 1,063 coronavirus patients. When a patient suffering from the dreaded COVID-19 disease is hospitalized, he/she takes an average of 15 odd days to completely recover. When the same patient is given a small dosage of Remdesivir drug, the recovery rate increases by a massive 31 percent. It is even seen that a person taking the dosage of this drug can recover on an average duration of 11 days.

According to a statement from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease, it said that Remdesivir works way better than placebo from the primary endpoint perspective and the total time taken for the recovery. They even made an announcement of producing detailed data on the same for the public on their forthcoming reports.

Findings Of The Oval Office On The Remdesivir Drug

 In accordance with the findings of the Oval Office, NIAID Director, Mr. Anthony Fauci said that the Remdesivir drug trial has proven to be easily blocking the virus from further contaminating. He even added that this particular drug can be the standard of care for the US people and it can be even used in combination with other treatments to cure a COVID-19 victim.

Statement Of The University Of Chicago

 Another data from the Gilead sponsored trial, held at the University of Chicago, got leaked and was circulated all throughout the internet and other outlets. It showed how fast this drug works than a normal recovery rate of a coronavirus patient. But, the lack of any control arm in the Remdesivir drug study, made the whole thing difficult to interpret. The University of Chicago said that drawing any conclusive statement at this particular point of time might be scientifically unsound and premature.

Why The Stock Market Prices Of Gilead’s Went Soaring High After The Preliminary Success Of Their Drug

 After the apparent success of the Remdesivir drug, the stock market prices of Gilead’s went soaring high during the mid of April. The jump was a massive eleven percent from the previous prices. However, some scientists have expressed deep concerns about how the information of the Remdesivir drug trial has been leaked into the public.

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