Angel Hub™ by Erudite Nursing Institute™

Terms and Conditions


The foregoing Terms constitutes the policies to which all whom wish to make purchases (i.e. “Purchasers”) from the Angel Hub™ must agree to and accept before making any purchases. The present Terms are binding and may not be abrogated for any reason.


Angel Hub™ is the official online store for purchasing of Erudite Nursing Institute ™ (“Erudite” or “ENI”) school merchandise and paraphernalia. DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES IF UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS.


As used herein, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” refer to Erudite and all respective partners and affiliates with whom Erudite works in order to produce and provide the Angel Hub™ items made available to you, the Purchaser. Please review these Terms in their entirety before proceeding to make any purchases. You may contact with any questions, comments, or other assistance needed with the comprehension of these Terms. By proceeding to make purchases, you consent to these Terms and indicate your full knowledge, understanding, acceptance of the same and your agreement to by thereby bound


  1. Returns
  2. Sizing charts
  3. Damaged items
  4. Lost in transit items
  5. International orders
  6. Order Support



When an order is being returned to us by the carrier because they were not able to deliver the items to the provided address, most commonly it is referred to as the ‘wrong address‘. It usually occurs when a Purchaser provides an address that is considered insufficient by the courier. Be extra careful with apartment numbers and zip codes! Do not leave them out and double check the digits. You can use a simple tool like the USPS ZIP code lookup to make sure that the city in the address matches the zip code.

Another reason items are returned is that they were ‘unclaimed’. If you, the Purchaser, does not collect the item at the local post office or a different pickup location, it will be returned. In most cases the shipment will be returned to the shipment facility as it is the default return address. We will be able to reship the returned items to a correct address. However, keep in mind that you will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated the address with you.

The reason for returns is when the Purchaser returns the ordered item(s). Usually this is due to the incorrect size being ordered. It is best to contact us before returning any products, because we do not refund orders for buyer’s remorse. As all items are custom printed at the time of Purchaser’s order placement, according to Purchaser’s specifications, REFUNDS, RETURNS, AND EXCHANGES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Purchasers must bear all expenses for both reshipment and reproduction in the event of buyer’s remorse or other instance wherein a change to an order—once already placed and/or delivered—is desired by Purchaser.

Erudite will not bear the expenses of any changes to orders already placed; you, the Purchaser, must contact us in writing in advance of placing your order if assistance is needed. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE REFUND/EXCHANGE/RETURN POLICY WILL BE MADE. Chargebacks, inquiries, or other forms of transaction reversals will incur a fee equal to the total value of the item(s), plus shipping, together with a $50 processing fee for each occurrence. Purchaser agrees to pay the said fees in the event that they initiate transaction reversal of any kind, for any reason. Purchaser further forfeits and indefinitely relinquishes to legal action or arbitration under these Terms; and instead agrees to not make any purchases from Angel Hub™ if unwilling or unable to abide by these Terms in their entirety.


Garment sizing info

Different brands manufacture their products differently. Purchasers are ordering products with a general idea of how the selected size should fit. A Medium is expected to fit like other size Medium shirts the Purchaser owns; however, one manufacturer might not go by the same sizing chart as another. This, as you can imagine, can create some confusion when the ordered size does not fit as expected.

Erudite is doing the best we can to avoid any incorrect sizing issues by adding the garment size specifications to each product. You can view them by to each individual item and viewing the sizing chart provided therein.

Damaged items

It is possible (though highly unlikely) that Purchase might receive a damaged item. There are a handful of reasons why that might have happened. A manufacturer’s error, item was damaged during shipping, or perhaps it has been a fulfillment error. Erudite does have quality control that the fulfilled products go through. As with everything, there is a possibility that we do let through an item that has defects. We will always take full responsibility for that as well as any other damages that were previously mentioned, if caused due to absolutely no fault of Purchaser, otherwise Purchaser will be wholly responsible.

When communicating Purchaser about a damaged item received, please submit photos showing the alleged damage to the item(s) and the receipt together with the packing slip to Our customer support will be able to get back to you quicker when you attach these photos to the official problem report.

The order never arrived

The same problem report is used to inform our customer support team of a lost in transit shipment. This is most common when dealing with international shipments that are sent out without international tracking, but can occur with domestic orders as well. With international orders, since the package has no international tracking, it does not get scanned in each warehouse and location it arrives at, which makes it more prone to getting lost in transit. With domestic orders, it is most likely that the item was lost somewhere along the way to its next scanning point. The best thing to do when this happens is to double check your provided address. Once you have confirmed it, get in touch with our support team for further assistance.


Order Support

The foregoing constitutes the totality of the agreement between Erudite and Purchases with regards to purchases made via Angel Hub™. No changes or adjustments to the present Policies and Terms can be made absent advance written approval by Erudite. Please be advised that the present Terms may be updated at anytime with or without notice and it is the responsibility of Purchase to ensure they remain up-to-date with any changes thereof. For any such assistance or other support-related inquiries, purchases may contact BEFORE placing an order.